Corporate Banking

Bank Mandiri, Hong Kong Branch's corporate banking activities are comprised of investment lending, commercial lending, trade and correspondent banking. Consistent with the aim of facilitating trade between Indonesia and Hong Kong and the region as well, the Branch plays an active role in identifying new business opportunities and business partners within the East Asia region, especially for business partners in Indonesia, Hong Kong and People's Republic of China("PRC"). Through the intermediation of Bank Mandiri-Hong Kong Branch, our business partners can highly increase their business flows. As the economic activity has increased trading relationships are enhanced, whereby could strengthen the business ties between Indonesia, Hong Kong, PRC and the region as well.

Investment Lending

As our way to support the customer investment activities, the Bank could provide investment facilities to customers. Our customers investment activities in PRC, Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong as well has been sought out so far.

Commercial Lending

Bank Mandiri, Hong Kong Branch provides a wide range of commercial credit facilities to potential customers, both domestically and abroad. Such facilities include working capital, overdraft and discounting lines. In each case, the Branch's credit facilities are tailored to the individual needs of the client, thereby allowing the client receive maximum flexibility to achieve its business goals.

Trade Finance and Services

The Branch participates in facilitating international trade flows by developing and providing structured financing facilities and its derivative products to the customers. These include:

  • Trade Services:
    • Letter of Credit Issuance
    • Import Collection and Trust Receipt Loan
    • Export Negotiation and Collection
    • Standby Letter of Credit
    • Letter of Credit Advising
    • Letter of Guarantee
    • Shipping Guarantee
    • Reimbursing Agent
  • Trade Financing:
    • Bill Purchase/Discounting
    • Banker Acceptance

Business Referral

Being Indonesian bank operates in Hong Kong, we have the flavors with abundant opportunity for business referral to both Indonesia and Hong Kong customers.