Treasury & FI

Bank Mandiri, Hong Kong Branch's dealing room is actively pursued trading and investment opportunities. Activities include the management of the Branch's investment portfolio and the funding of daily operations, as well as the trading of foreign currencies. The following are major segments of the Branch's treasury services:

Money Market

The steady amount of funding sources and the Branch's close relationships with other correspondence banks, so as to provide a competitive pricing on both credit and money market products.

Foreign Exchange

We provide an extensive services and offering competitive rates of exchange for all major international currencies to our counterparties and customers.

Capital Market

Our branch has also offered services on trading a number of capital market products.

Correspondent Banking

Being the biggest bank in Indonesia with 5 overseas offices, it is important for Bank Mandiri to have wide range correspondent banking relationship. With no exception, we enjoy comprehensive support from our first class correspondent banks, the East Asia Region bank and most important Indonesian banks. This wide correspondent banking network make us ready to deal with Indonesian bank risk in term of commercial/trade related transaction. So far, we have served some our correspondent banks with nostro account to maximize their HKD and USD transaction.